Unit 9, Coram Office Park
86 Ferero Ave, Randpark Ridge

Postal Code: 2169

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 17:00 h
Weekend: Closed


Our BARSTOC stock control system solution provides a reliable, cost effective, adaptable and efficient electronic bottle inventory counting system. Our latest module allows counting of essentially anything with a barcode, widening the scope of application considerably. Meaning that back stock and unit items can now also be counted efficiently and consistently. The hardware is designed for purpose and cost reduction whilst retaining reliability and robustness. The software is also designed for purpose and we expect there to be no call outs since the user is given all the tools necessary to configure their system and adapt it to suit their particular requirements and changing inventory. The system is adaptable in that the software allows the user to easily capture data for new bottles, even those bottles not supported in our database. The output is electronic which allows paperless data transfer.

By conservative estimates 200 bottles can be accurately counted in less than 1 hour. After using an electronic control system properly customers rarely go back to using pen, paper and staff eyeballing. Our solution will improve accuracy and efficiency and will benefit both employer and employee. The employee will benefit because their work will be made a lot easier and a lot less time consuming and draining. Those that have done inventory count by eye will appreciate the difference in efficiency.

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