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Pourers can be divided into 2 categories. Speed pourers, also known as free flow pourers, and tot measure pourers, also known as tot pourers. A pourer is essentially a spout which is pressed into the neck of a liquor bottle and when tilted acts as a nozzle for better alcohol flow control.

Speed pourers do not measure tot and are usually tilted whilst counting seconds until a desired volume is poured. A barman usually has their own second count which relates to a volume poured so they can repeat the pour. Speed pourers are sometimes preferred for fast bars whilst tot measuring pourers for slower bars or home bars. Our speed pourers are made from soft or hard food grade plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel free flow pourers have 2 variants, one with a straight neck and the other with a tapered neck which changes the flow characteristics.

Our tot measure pourers dispense an approximate single tot of 25ml or a double tot of 50ml. Once tilted and poured the bottle must be tilted back before pouring again. The pourer must be held at the correct angle. Our master pourer does not need to be tilted back between pours. It can pour consecutive 25ml tots whilst hovering over the tot glasses.

Our DMP pourers are locally designed and manufactured, therefore we can offer the best prices. Your purchase helps South African industry. In addition we have wine and champagne stoppers, wine pourers and oil and vinegar pourers, all made from food grade rubbers and stainless steel.

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