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A bar liquor dispenser is used to dispense an accurate volume of alcohol known as a tot measure which is 25ml in South Africa. Liquor dispensers are also known as optics, alcohol and drink dispensers.

A liquor dispenser works with a bracket, which is used to hold the dispenser and the inverted bottle connected to one another. The dispenser spout has a tapered cork which is pressed into the open bottle neck  creating an air-tight seal. This allows the alcohol to flow from the bottle to the dispenser chamber when fixed upside down by the mounted bracket. The bracket has an adjustable spring loaded l-shaped arm which can accommodate different sized bottles. Brackets can be mounted to any vertical surface, brick or wood and come in different wall mounting configurations. You can find different wall mounting configurations and rotary stands in our catalogue.

Our dispenser products are made from precision food grade molded plastic components to within engineering tolerances. Thus ensuring dispensing is accurate and consistent with no spillage, and that they have a long useable life. Our bracket is made from strong engineering plastic for durability. The different components are manufactured in a world class ISO accredited facility ensuring the high quality possible.

Liquor dispensers can be used for home bar and for trade use in commercial bars and restaurants. Our products are great as gifts and since they are locally manufactured we can offer best prices. Our liquor dispenser is designed, patented and manufactured in South Africa. We are SANAS accredited and can issue metrological certificates of compliance for trade use.

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